ince 1994, Philippe Latreille’s table has known many tasty experiences, reviving the range of local specialities. On one platter alone, he may offer a multi-faceted cuisine - perhaps a fresh look at the best conventional dishes, perhaps a bit daring, with a few glimpses of childhood memories and distant travels… but always bringing out the best of the products, above all those grown in the region. He is locally born, and one senses this in his cooking. Philippe is happy to share some of his culinary secrets and is willing to arrange cookery courses - based, as always, on the main local products.
Equal care has gone into selection of the restaurant’s wine list, as befits its high level of service. You will be seated in an atmosphere of greenery and light, free to take your time without ever losing the essential thread of the meal.

Rated 14/20 by the Champérard Guide.
maitre restaurateur 2011
guide Hubert
english            Maître Restaurateur Toques du Périgord
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